Vulnerability management

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What is Vulnerability Management?

Vulnerability Management involves conducting a holistic review of the organization and organizational IT assets to identify vulnerabilities. Our vulnerability management program begins with an initial assessment. From there, we prioritize vulnerabilities based on the risk they pose to your organization, and the cost of remediation. At the end of our process we provide a full-report along with options for remediation.

What are the advantages of vulnerability management?

Our Vulnerability Management Approach

Step 1:

Full-scope vulnerability ASSESSMENT

We begin each engagement by taking a holistic look at your organization. This review includes IT assets, sensitive data, organizational structure, and policies and procedures. At the end of our review we will have documented your most critical vulnerabilities.

STep 2:

Build a vulnerability management plan

Once we have completed our vulnerability assessment, we begin working with your internal stakeholders to design a vulnerability management plan. This can include the handling of sensitive data, employee training, patching schedules, and other common security concerns. We work to tailor each vulnerability management plan to the unique needs of your organization.



During the final phase we work to implement a full vulnerability management program. We will work directly with your internal IT staff to ensure that your vulnerability management plan easily integrates with your existing business practices and causes minimal disruption while providing maximum security. We routinely work with your team to maintain continuous management of vulnerabilities and answer any questions or problems


Vulnerability management made simple

We make managing organizational vulnerabilities simple.


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