Incident response services

Incidents happen, CyberOpz can help

Step 1:


The first step in each CyberOpz Incident Response Program is preparation. In this stage our cybersecurity experts gather information from your team including a list of all assets, applications, and critical end points and rank them in order of importance. We create an incident response plan to help prepare for rapid response, detection and analysis in step two.

STep 2:

Detection & Analysis

Once an incident has been detected, the clock is ticking on your business. Our security experts will begin gathering information on the incident from your team, analyze and determine the breach point, depth and severity. 


Step 3:


After detection and analysis we begin the process of  containment, eradication, and recovery. We contain the threat, remove the threat and take steps towards recovery.

STep 4:

post-incident activity

In the Post-Incident phase we examine what allowed the initial incident to occur and take steps to prevent future incidents. The threat landscape is always evolving so each incident response process will require occasional updates to optimize security. 

rapid incident response made simple

Emergency Incident Response

Throughout the review, assessment, implementation, and documentation process we keep you updated in real time. Our expert cyber incident response team help resolve complex cyber incidents at scale.

Incident Management Retainer

Our CISO's and security engineers have decades of experience providing highly-skilled security consulting and threat research for some of the world's biggest companies and government agencies. You're in good hands with our response team, ready to respond to complex cybersecurity events 24x7x365.

Layered Tools

Many security vendors try to sell you overpriced tools that you don't need. We work with your existing tech stack as much as possible to reduce waste and make response remediation fast, cost-effective and help prevent future incidents.

Proactive Incident Response

Our experts will help your team plan, prepare and respond to a wide range of cyber security incidents with decades of experience and industry best practices. We will take you from initial response to remediation, and continue to help you manage your cybersecurity program and any compliance needs on an ongoing basis.

Continuous Support

We provide continuous support to all incident response customers, even after the initial incident. We are happy to interact with your team and answer any outstanding questions they have regarding your cybersecurity program.

Full Docmentation

We provide a full suite of cybersecurity documentation for every client including a Risk Assessment, Remediation Strategy, Vulnerability Management Plan, and Cybersecurity Roadmap. Rest easy knowing that you'll have what you need.

If Pete has a spiritual animal, it must be a Bear. He demonstrates a strength and confidence as a leader that is willing to stand against adversity, take action and be accountable. He is also kind and considerate; always willing to first listen and give advice. He leads with heart and passion while also delivering in depth technical understanding with an executive appreciation for the business impact.
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Jessica gulick
CEO Of Katzcy Consulting
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Pete Clay,
Your Cybersecurity Partnee

Pete Clay is an experienced CISO with decades of experience architecting and implementing cybersecurity programs for Fortune 50 Companies. Pete brings that experience to each incident response engagement. Pete provides your organization with cost-effective, rapid and efficient incident response services that provide real protection and help prevent a future incident. 

incidents happen, cyberopz can help

The right response at the right time can save your organization thousands. Contact us now if your business has experienced a cybersecurity incident.


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