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Many organizations see Governance Risk and Compliance as an afterthought. We take a different approach. Our GRC program can help you design core policies, procedures, and plans such as Vulnerability Management Plans, Security Policies and Procedures, Business Continuity, Incident response and others. When done correctly GRC should reduce your organizational risk while simultaneously leaving you in a position to confidently confront unexpected challenges and incidents.

Step 1:

Understand Your Security Posture

Our first step with every GRC customer is to understand their current security program and security posture. We aim to find out:

  • About compliance requirements that may affect your organization
  • Existing security technologies
  • Existing documentation including any previously performed risk assessments or vulnerability assessments



STep 2:

Design documentation

During this step we work with your organization to design the documentation that will both help you to meet compliance requirements and help reduce your organizational risk. Documentation is highly customized to ensure we are meeting the exact needs of your organization while also fulfilling any necasarry compliance requirements.


Documentation Review

The last part of our approach involves a full-scope documentation review with your internal IT and Security team. We want to make sure that you are entirely satisfied with your Governance, Risk, and Compliance program and that you are able to make full use of your new resources. During this process a senior CISO will be on-hang to answer an questions.

We can help with:

Risk Assessments

Many compliance requirements including HIPAA, NYDFS, and others require an annual risk assessment to be performed. Our experienced security staff can help guide you through a full risk assessment process that provides meaningful security and identifies areas of opportunity.

Security Policies and Procedures

Every company regardless of size should have a full set of security policies and procedures. Information Security requires organization wide practice, and security policies and procedures provide the essential backbone of any cybersecurity program.

Business Continuity Planning

Every organization should have a business continutiy plan. Whether you suffer an IT outage, a security incident, or a natural disaster,

Vulnerability Assessments

Conducting routine vulnerability assessments is crucial to ensuring that your organization stays safe in the 21st century. We will help you identify and document vulnerabilities that could lead to a devastating data breach that would put your company at risk.

Incident Response Planning

No matter how good your security program is, incidents and breaches can happen. We can help your organization ensure that when an incident does happen, you have a detailed and effective plan for how to handle it, and how to prevent another incident in the future.

Disaster Recovery Planning

Disasters happen. We can help you design effective, useful, and impactful disaster recovery planning that could make the difference between staying in business and closing your doors.


Most frequent questions and answers

Many people see Governance Risk and Compliance work as needless paperwork. That couldn’t be further from the truth. When done properly GRC will enable your organization to meet compliance requirements, and focus in risk reduction in a clear and coherent way that provides meaningful protection from a range of threats.

Our GRC work is performed by senior level CISO’s with extensive security credentials. We have experience helping small business, mid-sized business, and large enterprise design coherent and effective GRC programs. Contact us for a free assessment.

We make grc simple, compliant, and cost-effective

We can help secure your organization, meet compliance, and do it all at a price you can afford. Give us a call today.


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